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December 27, 2006


Dear Tatiana,

How are you doing? What have you been up to lately? Have you gone anywhere recently, what about the movies? Have you seen, Happy Feet yet? Like I told you in my last letter, it looks like a good one. How are your friends doing in school? I hope all is well with your classmates.

Well Tati, it is that time of year again, your birthday is around the corner. Last year at this time I told you about the day you were born, and I thought this year I’ll tell you about how I met your mom.

When I was in grade ten, I had a friend whose name is Andre, he knew your mom. So one day I was over at Andre’s place and he called your mom and he let me speak to her on the phone. After that I kept in contact with your mom and for three months we spoke on the phone. During those months we tried meeting a couple of times but your mom was busy. If you ask me, I think she was a little nervous about us meeting each other. After all, we had never seen each other before, and all we did was talk for hours on the phone. We would stay on the phone while we watched the same shows on TV. We spent a lot of time do this. I recall I particular time we actually fell on asleep on the phone. Can you believe that? When I woke up, your mom was still on the other end of the phone and it was morning!

So after months of endless hours on the phone, we finally set a day to meet at a club called, Warehouse. I remember that night clearly. Your mom’s birthday had just passed, so I bought her this blue sweater. I went to the club with a friend of mine whose name is Junior. I spent the whole night looking for your mom and since I did not see her, I thought she had gotten nervous again and decided not to show. As the night wore on, I gave up looking, but then junior came up to me and said that a girl was asking about me and I knew it could only be your mom. Till this day I don’t know how she knew who to ask when she was looking for me and this was a very big club with different sections. So Junior brought me over to where your mom was.

Needless to say, I was very happy to finally meet the person that I had been on the phone sharing secrets with for over three months. I thought she looked beautiful. She had on brown khaki pants with matching brown boots. She had her hair in a ponytail and she had me smiling on sight and she as well. I think we were both very happy when we saw each other and the rest was history.

I thank God for Andre and Junior because they were both instrumental in me meeting your mom. Without God and these people, I don’t know if you would be around today, and about to celebrate your sixth birthday. I would also like to thank you today because my love for you is a big part of what keeps me going strong. I love you very much Tatiana and by the grace of God, I will be there beside you soon. Peace.

Love, Daddy.

Mei, how are you doing? Hope all is well with you and the rest of the family? Have yourself a happy holidays and happy new year. I will call on Tati’s birthday. Take care. Here are a couple of passages for you. Ephesians 4:1-13, Psalm 112, Luke 12:15-31, Colossians 2:1-10, Luke 2:1-20.

P.S. Did you get the new from Nas yet, and is it good?

Like a child, all relationship needs to be nurture from its infancy.

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