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March 27, 2006

Moggara |

Dear Tatiana,

How are you doing? I sure hope all is well with you? I know you must be looking forward to summer, when you can ride your bike and run around with your friends. Thank you for the sweet letter you sent me and I love the picture you sent with it. You look so beautiful and grown. I am very blessed to have you in my life, plus we both need to thank God for the wonderful mother you have.

Tatiana, make sure you learn how to spell your last names because the next time I call I expect you to know how to spell both of them. Your mom told me that she has been reading you bible stories from the Old Testament, and I was so thrilled to hear that, plus she told me that you do pray, which is important in our lives. There is a prayer from the bible that in time I want you to memorize, it is Psalm 23. As a little child I would often say this prayer before I went to bed.

Tatiana, I am very happy to hear how well you are doing in school. I am very proud of you. I also applaud the fact that you won an award, which I know you deserve.

I know you saw the movie, Curious George, but have you gone to see the new Ice Age movie? It looks like a really good movie to me, and hopefully you and your mom will go see it soon.

Well Tati, before I close out this letter I just want to remind you to make sure you don’t let anybody touch the private parts on your body. If it happens, be sure to tell your mother okay baby. Keep on doing well in school and continue to be a good child. Don’t forget to pray.

I Love you very much,

Hugs and Kisses.

Love, Papa.

P.S Make sure you write me more letters. And Mei, let me know when you are going on your vacation.

Pay attention to your surroundings and it will enable your lights to turn on.

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