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July 27, 2006

Krunaspix |

Dear Tatiana,

aHow are you doing? Are you enjoying your summer? I know it can get a little hot outside, but you will be fine as long as you drink a lot of water, not pop but water. I know that there is a lot of Coke for you to drink in the fridge. That reminds me Tati, I want you to be more aware of what you put in your body. Your mom told me that you like to eat bacon, but I got to tell you Tati, that is one of the unhealthiest foods you can eat. Do you know a pig eats anything, including its own poo?

I stopped eating pork and I try not to eat greasy food. I am not at all perfect, I can’t stop eating fries, but aside from that I watch what I eat. I try to eat food with high fiber, like fruits and vegetables. I eat almost anything that grows from the ground. Tati if you eat garbage you will think garbage. If you eat healthy you will think healthy. Keep it simple and drink more water than pop and no fast food or frozen food. I want you to be able to run faster than me; jump higher or further than me.

Now, remember when I spoke to you last time on the phone? You told me that sometimes you wait for me at the door and you feel that you are losing your patience. In life you will find that you need to be patient. Everything has its time. Do you know there was a time when you could only crawl, now look at you! You can walk and run because the time came. So, slow down honey. Lord willing, I will be home soon.

By the way, have you seen the movie Cars yet? I hope you are staying active during the holidays. I want you to ride your bike and play with your friends for at least an hour per day. Anyhow, play safe and don’t talk to strangers, alright sweetie. I miss you and Love you very much, and remember God Loves you too. Keep praying for us all.

Love, Papa.

Mei in the bible there are a couple of passages I want you to read, James 3:1-10, Matthew 6:25-34, Ecclesiastes 3:1-15, James 5:7-11. Read Tatiana the last two for me please. I hope all is well with everybody and I love you all. God bless.

A child that has to go through their parent's divorce will more likely have to take the initiative early in life.

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