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Lanre is a dynamic individual who has lived in Canada since he was 10 years old.  After his family settled in Toronto, Canada, he spent many of his years living in the neighouring city of Scarborough. At a young age, Lanre was given much responsibility having to care for his mother and two younger siblings.


In 2001, Lanre welcomed into the world, his daughter, Tatiana.  He celenrated a year and a half with his beautiful child before their separation.  During their time apart, Lanre was determined to remain a part of his daughter's life.  He stayed in contact by writing to her once a month, which became inspiration for 27th Letters.


Lanre now lives in Scarborough where he continues to be a strong foundation for his family and an active member of his community.

Lanre has also founded 12:06Studio, through which he works as a freelance photographer and videographer.  This operation is a means of social outreach for disenfranchised communities within the Greater Toronto Area.  


Lanre is pursuing his dreams and has accomplished his goal of writing and publishing his first book, 27th Letters, and sincerely appreciates your interest and support.



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