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May 27, 2006

Mr Lightman |

Dear Tatiana,

How are you doing? I hope all is well with you, my little earth angel. How are you doing in school? What about your school mates, are they treating you well? Make sure to tell your mom or your teacher if anyone touches you on your private parts. I know you will continue to do well in school. Did you make anything special for your mother this past mother’s day? I know whatever you did came from your heart. I myself sent her a card. The day after mother’s day was my father’s birthday, I can’t believe he is 55 years old. I also sent him a card.

What else have been doing outside of school? Have you been to the movies lately? Have you ever been to the museum? It’s a place where you can see and learn about historical objects, and also about cultures from different places in the world. I think you and your mom will enjoy yourselves there.

Hey Tati, I know you are supposed to go on a trip soon, I am not certain when you will be going or maybe you have gone and came back already. Nevertheless I hope you enjoy your trip. It will be your first time on a plane, which is also one thing I love. As a child I have always been fascinated by air planes. I remember I was just four years old my first time on a plane. I can never forget that day, I was so excited when me and my mom flew from Nigeria to come and visit my father in Canada. The year was 1982, and my father lived in Montreal at that time. The visit was a four month stay, which I enjoyed very much. I even remember that a friend of my father had a daughter name Valerie, I think she was my first crush. I hope your first trip on a plane is just as memorable as mine was.

Tati, are you reading those prayers I sent you? Don’t forget to always give thanks to God each morning you wake up. You do these things and continue to be a good child, and whatever you deserve you will get in this life and eternally. I Love you very much, I miss you and you are always on my mind. I wait patiently for God, for the day shall come for us all.

Love, Papa.

If a dream is a wish your heart makes, where do nightmares come from? Or are they both from the same source?

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