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June 27, 2006

Chris Roll |

Dear Tatiana,

How are you doing? I sure hope all is well with you, you must be excited that school is over. Now you can stay up a little late and maybe sleep in. So now that you have finished your first year of school, are you going to keep contact with anyone of your friends? Whenever you get your report card, make sure you send me a copy please. I am pretty sure your marks are good.

Oh, before I forget, have you gone to see the movie, Cars yet? It looks like a really good one. I know your mom will have a few things planed for you to do during the summer. Now that you have the time, be sure to write me about whatever you do and wherever you go.

Your mom sent me the pictures you took during your vacation in the Dominican. I love all the pictures. Did you like the beach? It must have been really hot. You and your mom look like you were having a lot of fun. I like your pink bathing suit when you were in the pool. You probably stayed in the shallow end. I, myself can’t swim, so I am always in the shallow end of the pool. I know it is pathetic.

I have tried to learn how to swim, but I just can’t seem to float. You can probably swim better than I can. So Tati, how did you like your first plane ride? Did they show any movies during the flight, and did you get to sit by the window, so you can see the clouds? Tell me about the hotel you stayed in, how was the food? I hope you or your mom and Su-yen did not get sick. In the pictures I can see that you and your mother look very happy. Am glad everything went well on your trip, there is a lot more for you to see and learn in the world.

Tatiana you are never too young for me tell you this. Everyday you see is because of God, so in everything you do each day, always give thanks, he is the one that made it possible. I really miss you, te amo mucho.

Love, Papa

The humble calf drinks the most milk and its evident in the lifestyle of all the prophets.

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