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September 27, 2006


Dear Tatiana,

How are you doing honey? I hope you are doing well. How is school going for you? I hope you have adjusted well to the fact that you now attend school for the whole day, and now you get to take a lunch to school. Your mom told me about how you shared your juice with your classmate, I thought that was a very considerate gesture, I like the way you think.

Tati, I sent a couple of pictures to your mom. I hope you get to see them and I am sure you will like them. The next time I talk to you let me know which one you like the most. By the way, did you know that September 19th was Victor’s birthday? He is now seventeen years old, like you, he is growing up so fast. I hope you called him to wish him a happy birthday. If not, ask your mom to call him for you, alright Tati? I am sure he would be happy to hear from you. I am so proud of your Uncle. Did you know he is in his last year of high school? He plans on going to George Brown College to continue his studies. I believe that he wants to become a chef. He would not be the first in the family. My mom - your grandmother, was a pastry chef for many years.

Well Tati, as you can tell fall has begun. So you will have to make sure you dress warm, so no more skirts. It will start snowing very soon, so make sure you eat something hot for breakfast like oatmeal, or drink some tea with honey in it. You know what Tati, I had another dream about you a couple of days ago. I dreamt that you and I went out to eat at a restaurant. I can’t recall what I ate but I believe you ate a big hamburger. You looked so cute trying to eat such a big burger. Tatiana, I never stop thinking about you even when I am asleep at night. I miss you and love you very much, hugs and kisses baby. Be safe and God Loves you.

Love, Papa.

How are you doing Mei? I hope you develop those pictures and send them out to Gyasi and Rita for me please. When you get new pictures of Tati and yourself can you please send me a couple. Here are a couple of passages I want you to read. 1 John 2:15-17, Luke 18:18-27 and Mark 4:1-25. Take care and stay healthy, peace and God bless.

Never move with the crowd because you can get caught up following people around.


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