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It Could Be Worse.

Sometimes, as I go through my daily duties as a father to my children, I can’t help but think how fortunate I am to be in this position. No matter how challenging it may be, from navigating each child’s schedule to managing the family as a whole. Oh yeah, gotta try to come up with supper, then you look up for a second to see what day of the month it is so you can pay whatever bill that’s due. Nevertheless, I, for one, enjoy it all.

Let me take you back a few years, to 2007 to be exact. I was sitting in prison, five years into serving a life sentence for defending myself from several assailants. (Yes, I did have poor representation. I’ve come to terms with that.) Unlike the life I live now, prison life can be very monotonous. I mean, for god sakes, in prison, you’re pretty much going to be doing the same thing no matter what year it is, whether it is next year or last year. You’re doing exactly the same thing over and over again, sorta like Groundhog Day (get it, grounded by the hogs…lol).

So, for those of you who might find your life to be uninteresting, miserable, lonely, or you simply feel imprisoned (it’s all in your head) by the choices you have made. To anyone who feels like they're living in their version of Groundhog Day, remember that every day is a new chance to rewrite your story. Embrace the challenges, cherish the moments, and never lose sight of the potential for a better tomorrow. Your life is a canvas waiting to be painted with hope, resilience, and unwavering determination. Seize the day, for it is yours to shape and mold into something extraordinary. While in prison, instead of just “hanging out,” I actually got involved with different activities from wood shop, knitting, leather making, wood carving, etc. I just refused to feel defeated, and it showed when I got released after serving a total of eight years. It was often said to me, “you didn’t miss a beat.” Am not saying I didn’t go through these various emotions (keep that E in motion). I just let it go through me like when you eat some bad food. Just make sure you get up and keep it moving. This is a bonus advice, whether in or out of prison. Always keep in mind that it could be worse.


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