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January 27, 2006

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Dear Tatiana,

Happy New Year, I hope with the New Year brings more happiness for you. What did you do to celebrate your birthday? It is hard to believe you are now five years old. I remember that when you were born I was told by a friend to enjoy your infancy. So much has happened since your birth. Now you are a young girl, five years seems like a long time but in actuality it’s not. So always cherish the time you have because life is very short, and it is even shorter when you don’t make the best of what you got. Be happy no matter what situation.

How is school going for you? I am hoping one dey soon I can get a letter from you. I know you can’t write by yourself yet but hopefully your mom will help you write me a letter. I sure would love to hear what is going on with you.

You know what Tatiana? When I went to church this week it occurred to me that I have never talked to you about praying. Do you know who God is? I know you attend a catholic school. Have you been to church lately? I think the last time you were in church was when someone your mom knew got married.

To tell you the truth I don’t know how I am going to explain God to you with a pen and paper. But I remembered when I was the same age as you, I had this book that my mom read to me and when I was able to read I kept on reading it. The name of the book is: “My little book of bible stories”. Along with going to church and what my mother taught me, that was how I began to learn about God and the bible. Put it to you this way, without faith in God, I would not be able to wake up each day, write this letter to you, or care about myself or anyone else. I would not know the power of thinking positive, being patient, or to know the true meaning of Love.

Tatiana remember this always, with God all things are possible. I Love you very much and I hope your mom can get that book for you. It can only make you a better person. Stay positive and keep your faith in God.

Love papa,

Your intention as a child of GOD is what is going to separate you from the so called ‘born-agains’.

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